An incredible gift!

An incredible gift!

Thanks for the 4 hours. Most valuable to me were the questions, e.g. Why do you think the other person acts in this way? Realization: we communicate only on the first 4 levels… Thanks for the great translation! An incredible gift! Thanks for the opportunity to...
An incredible gift!

A nice experience.

The atmosphere was very pleasant. Some things were worked out with the help of the participants. The level of participants was above average. The treated matter was free of ideologies and was suitable for all regardless of religion, background or world view. The title...
An incredible gift!

It was beautiful!

It was beautiful! Very informative, efficient, inspiring, motivating and uplifting! Information was clear, well structured and rich. Energy of the two presenters was very joyous, energetic, convincing, in the sense of happy! Authentic examples! I truly believe in the...
An incredible gift!

I like the explanation

The Team Varia & Malika is truely great. They are like one person! I like the explanation about laziness. I like the fact that everybody was involved. Very interesting topic and presentation. Lukas Ineichen
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