Workshops & Seminars

with Malika Shelakhova

How to combine
Happiness and Success?
Take your life to a new level!

Here are the next dates for January 2019:

FREE 4-Hour Workshop:

Theme:           Go with the flow – How not to rush and still be in time
Date:               Saturday, January 19, 2019, 10.00 – 15.00 h 
Tickets:           It is necessary to have a reservation. For free registration and more information click HERE

FREE 2-Hour Workshop:
Theme:          How to be strong, confident and energetic
Date:              Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 19.00 – 21.00 h
Tickets:          It is necessary to have a reservation. For free registration and more information click HERE

Two-Day Training-Seminar:

Theme:           NEW YEAR – NEW YOU! How to be who you really are
Date:               Saturday & Sunday, 26 & 27 January 2019, 10.00 – 18.00 h
Costs:              CHF 550.–
2-Day Seminar Registration

Trainer: Malika Shelakova is a successfull business and communication coach from Russia. Over the last 15 years more than 20.000 people have participated in her trainings.

Based on a deep understanding of the human nature Malika shows with clarity and humour where and why we repeatedly run into dead ends or go around in circles and how we can come out of our patterns. Among other things, Malika’s great success is based on her ability to create a strong and deep experience on the trainings after which the life of the participants always changes to the better.
Her method is unique and has no equal.

Even if you have taken part in many other programs before, here you will find new surprising insights and you will see a big difference to what you have experienced before. We invite you to come and see yourself!

Video: Short clip on “False Beliefs” (funny and revealing)

House of Peace & Health
1st Floor at the vegan Bio-Restaurant “The Sacred”, Müllerstrasse 64, 8004 Zurich

Mr Kanai Zimmermann;

The workshops and the seminars will be translated from Russian to English

Comments from participants:

It was beautiful!

It was beautiful! Very informative, efficient, inspiring, motivating and uplifting! Information was clear, well structured and rich. Energy of the two presenters was very joyous, energetic, convincing, in the sense of happy! Authentic examples! I truely believe in the success of your method! It seems to be very profound and detailed. Thank you so much!

Valuable impulses

Dear Malika -Thank you for the inspiring seminar. I have received valuable impulses and I am glad that I can go deeper with your concepts and questions. I appreciate your humorous, sympathetic way. You have strengthened your concepts with understandable examples from the practice and I have recognized myself in many of them. I felt safe and understood which instantly built trust. Thanks again!

Sincerely – Marina Satapahty

A lot of inputs to move forward

I have been given a lot of inputs to move forward on the conscious path already taken.
– V.W.

The seminar was enlightening

The seminar was very enlightening and helpful in many ways. Spassiba!

– Toni

I am very impressed

I am very impressed by what I have heard today. The topics are well structured.

– T.S.