Move over Mövenpick, there is a new Gelato in Town!


I consider myself a gelato aficionado, and I take it seriously. One of my first jobs was working at Baskin Robbins, and it was there that I cultivated discerning taste buds, an intimate knowledge of their 32+ flavors and amean scooping arm.

Now, if you think Mövenpick is Swiss heaven in a cone, you haven’t met Vegelato. Yes, that’s right, Vegelato. Stay with me. Opened in January this year, the flagship Vegelateria is the home of the best gelato in Zürich.

And to top it off: It’s good for you. Under the care of a talented Italian gelato maker, their local and consciously made creations are 100% vegan and organic and contain no processed sugars.

Though curious, I was also a bit sceptical that a non-diary gelato would be anything other than gritty, artificially sweet and a big mistake. I was wrong. One taste and I was seduced by the creamy flavorful Vegelato. I was reminded that just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it can’t be awesomely delicious.

A World of Flavors

With 20 flavors (yes, I have tried them all), you can choose from two varieties using their own Soyana products made in Schlieren, Zürich. The soy-based Vegelato 1 is made from fermented Soyananda, cane sugar, flaxseed oil and coconut oil and is rich in omega-3. Meanwhile, the base of Vegelato 2 is made from rice milk, almond puree, apple syrup and dates (no soy or cane sugar).

Regardless of the base (soy or rice), the texture is so smooth and creamy that you can’t help but smile from the inside out with every blissful bite. Manager Michael Schrottenholzer confided that the Italian styled BioGianduia (1) and BioMango (2) were among the top flavors for the gelato lovers of Zürich.

Having tried and liked them all, I was seduced by the lemony spice of BioZitrone & Kardomom (1); the upbeatBioChoco & Chili (1) and the seductive tang of anti-oxidant rich BioAronia (2).

Vegan Lifestyle in Zürich

Did I mention that they also have amazing vegan meals and events? Do yourself a favor and take a summer evening stroll to Vegelateria. Enjoy the Swiss inspired fruit flavors of BioStrawberry, BioBeeren and BioApfel, or the exquisite marriage of BioChoco & Pfefferminze – the perfect After Eight!

“Mövenpick, breakups are never easy but I have a new Swiss best friend who is good for me and we just ‘get’ each other. I hope you understand.”